Active Muscle Reforming.

The ultimate goal for Ageless clients is to “move better” in order to “feel better” and vice-versa. Our Ageless practitioners look at the body as a whole and assess what dysfunctions and distortions that are obstacles to optimizing the way you perform.

Active Muscle Reforming, aka “Active”, is a term coined at Ageless. Essentially, we use trade techniques such as cupping, scraping, pressure release, and other modalities to relieve overactive muscles that cause poor posture, create muscular imbalances, and show up in the presence of pain.


Benefits of AMR

Pain Mitigation

Such as back, knee, shoulder, and neck pain.

Range of Motion

Improve the range of motion in your joints.

Better Balance

Improve your overall stability and balance.


Improve your overall function and coordination.

Personal Training

Once we get the body to move better, it’s all about strengthening weaker muscles, conditioning core and proper movement patterns and enhancing skill sets and abilities. All Ageless Practitioners are certified Personal Trainers and can customize programs that fit your goals.